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A perfect fit to support breastfeeding. The breastpads are naturally contoured for perfect fitting in bra. It has high absorbency and breathable cotton for good airflow. It fits all types of bra, free size and prevent wet spots. This breastpads dry fast and save time. It is made from 4 layers.

Layer 1 Lace Outer Layer
Lace layer is used to prevent much movement in bra while giving the pads a nice design.

Layer 2 Water Resistant Layer
Unique lining to let moisture goes through, still providing a great protection and keep clothes dry.

Layer 3 Synthetic layer
Super absorbent polymer traps excess milk and locks it away.

Layer 4 Absorbent Cotton Layer
Lining is 100% cotton quickly absorbs wetness and always keeps optimum softness.

Material: The lace content is 100% nylon (polyamide) and lining is 100% cotton.


  • 4 layers for maximum absorbency
  • Naturally contoured for perfect fitting
  • A perfect fit to support breastfeeding
  • Free size and fit all bras




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