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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Anakku Breastfeeding Bundle AKBF01

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Anakku Breastfeeding Bundle AKBF01

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Are you pregnant? Are you wondering what you can do now to prepare for breastfeeding? The perfect bundle for the breastfeeding mother including

1 x Anakku Essential Double Electric Breast Pump

1x Anakku Milk Storage Bag 250ml (30's)


1 x Audrey Disposable Panty

Anakku Essential Double Electric Breast Pump

👼👼 Features 👼👼

❣️Material: BPA FREE

❣️Weight: 800g

❣️Anti backflow design-Food grade silicone suction valve, this gives breast pumps an anti-backflow design to ensure milk does not enter breast pump tube and allows for easier cleaning as milk does not enter the whole system (Anti Counter Flow)

❣️Mimics natural sucking

❣️Easily assembled and cleaned

❣️European safety Standard EN14350 compliant wide neck bottle (BPA Free)

❣️5-speed massage mode and 5-speed expression mode

❣️Adjustable suction power

❣️Switch mode - Enter to level 1 of stimulation mode by default when on. Automatically turn level 3 of suction mode after 2 min.

❣️silicone pad massages the breast and slowly eases pain during pumping, making pumping more comfortable (Extra Comfort)

❣️Discreet for less noise when pumping out of home (Ultra-Quiet Technology)

❣️LED display

❣️FREE convertible manual pump handle kit

❣️6 months warranty


👼👼 Kit Includes 👼👼

🍼 - 2x Breast Pump

🍼 - 2x 150ml Bottle

🍼 - 1x Electric Main Unit

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