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Anakku Liquid Cleanser Apple Flavour 700ml 165-400

Anakku Liquid Cleanser Apple Flavour 700ml 165-400

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Anakku Liquid Cleanser Apple Flavour 700ml

A multipurpose cleanser made from plant-based ingredients that's safe for babies.
Can be used to clean baby accessories as well as fruits and vegetables.

Features & Benefits

1. Formulated with plant-based ingredients
2. Safe and effective for cleaning baby accessories and even suitable for washing fruits and vegetables
3. Gentle and mild yet effective in removing stubborn milk fats and stains

Dosage/How To Use
For baby accessories
1. Pour cleanser directly onto the cleaning sponge or dilute 2.5ml of cleanser into 1 litre of water and immerse accessories in the solution. Rinse well with running water for 5 seconds.
For fruits and vegetables
1. Dilute 1.25ml of cleanser into 5 litres of water. Soak and clean fruits and vegetables. Rinse thoroughly under running water for a minimum of 30 seconds. For rinsing in a basin, please change the water at least twice.

Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician immediately.

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