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Anakku Milk Storage Bag 250ml (30's) 164-112

Anakku Milk Storage Bag 250ml (30's) 164-112

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Anakku Milk Storage Bag 250ml (30's)
Pouring breastmilk from the storage bag into a bottle can be a little tough. Anakku Breastmilk Spout Bag is created as one good solution to prevent spills and ensures that every precious drop of your breastmilk is transferred safely into your baby's bottle.


  • Spout pouring design
  • Pre-sterilized FDA approved material-PET/LDPE
  • BPA-Free
  • The strong and durable self-standing base for easy and neat storage.
  • Leakproof with double zipper lock
  • Easy and hygienic disposable pack.

Package Contains:
• 8oz (250ml) x 30bags

** Please read the instructions carefully and keep the packaging for future reference.

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