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Anakku One-Way Nappy Liners (150 pcs) 174-300

Anakku One-Way Nappy Liners (150 pcs) 174-300

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Anakku One-Way Nappy Liners (150 pcs)

Anakku one-way nappy liners use with Anakku cloth napkin. One way nappy liner allows moisture to through but retains solids Keeps baby's bottom dry and prevent nappy rash.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Size: 32cm x 22cm
  • Package contains: 150 pieces

  1. Fold nappy inner vertically into half.
  2. Place nappy liner on a folded cloth napkin.
  3. Baby's urine passes through the nappy liner and is absorbed into the cloth napkin.
  4. When the baby's urine is absorbed in the cloth napkin, the nappy liner next to the baby's skin keeps the baby's bottom dry and prevents nappy rash.


  • Dispose of hygienically after use.
  • Do not flush used nappy liner into the toilet bowl.
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